Product Introduction


The purpose of this project is to provide the Republic of Bangladesh with a healthy organic algae based food, Spirulina, while also laying the groundwork to begin production on a renewable and commercially viable alternative solution for diesel. To accomplish this, we will be opening production plants directly in Bangladesh to satisfy this need which will in turn create countless jobs for the local communities. 


Our production in Bangladesh will be separated into two stages. During the first stage we will construct a pilot plant that will be spread out over one-acre of land. At this facility we will begin production on a small scale to prove our processes and refine our technique. Once this facility is operational, we will then begin the second stage of our project. During this stage, we will expand our facility from one-acre to over thirty-acres to ramp up production exponentially.


Where We're Building

Shortly we will be releasing the exact location of where our pilot plant is expected to be built.

Pilot Plant

This is an image of a pilot plant that we will be reproducing first. This purpose of this small facility is to begin the initial production of the algae product, to prepare for full scale production.

Full Scale Plants

Once our pilot testing is completed, we will then begin full production. Our full production plants are arranged like the image presented here.


Please contact us to see more information about our current productions plan and forecasted revenue.

Contact: algaetech@algaeworld.info


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